A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Security

It’s more important than ever to protect your organization’s endpoint devices, securing data and systems wherever they are. Learn how today’s IT and security teams are working proactively to move mobile device management into the cloud. #SurfaceForBusiness

Read the guide: A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Protection

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Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Onboard services and scale your network operations from one interface. Read this at-a-glance document, brought to you by Enterprise Technology International, to learn more about #Cisco Nexus® Dashboard.

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Navigating your hybrid multicloud vision

While 81% of organizations use multicloud, many struggle to unlock its value because they don’t have a clear strategy.

With IBM Power Systems, you can streamline resource deployment, increase budget and operational flexibility and modernize applications. Check out this eBook to learn how you can seamlessly integrate IBM Power Systems into your hybrid multicloud environment — and reach out to our experts at Enterprise Technology International for help. #IBM #POWER9

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Seize the power to multitask anywhere

Your teams want to do more in less time. Equip them to achieve their goals with the most powerful and infinitely flexible Surface Laptop yet: the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. ​
#SurfaceForBusiness https://www.enterpriseti.com

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Building Autonomous Systems with Microsoft AI

Implementing AI can mean different things for different industries. This short video explains how Toyota Material Handling partnered with #Microsoft to create autonomous forklifts to help around warehouses.

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Building Your Business Case for Hybrid Work Environments

The hybrid workplace powered by @CiscoSMB. What are the advantages to shifting to a hybrid workplace? What about the risks of avoiding this transition? For government agencies, remote work and online services are becoming ever more essential. Check out this at-a-glance document, brought to you by Enterprise Technology International, to find out. Here, you’ll learn how to build a business case for creating a hybrid work environment.

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SHARE NOW and IBM Drive Sustainable Mobility Forward

Read this case study to see how car-sharing provider  SHARE NOW uses IBM Cloud to benefit from global IT, fast and agile provisioning, and a means to easily scale services so it can put thousands of the world’s coolest cars at customers’ fingertips.

What can IBM Cloud do for you? Let us know in the comments and share this story!

#IBMCloud #HybridCloud

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Intel® vPro® Platform IT Confessions – Stability | Intel Business

This video, brought to you by Enterprise Technology International, features a customer testimonial about a shipping company that experienced an error during a last-minute driver update that immobilized its entire fleet—so that 400 employees couldn’t do their jobs. As a result, the company upgraded its equipment to Intel® vPro® platform-based PCs, which provided an impressively stable and secure platform with fewer driver changes, plus business-class performance, enhanced security, and remote manageability. @Intel

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