The benefits of a Red Hat subscription

Why roll the dice ? with your software vendor? A Red Hat subscription is a sure bet: tech for your entire stack, access to a huge ecosystem of partners, help from a support team of engineers, plus updates and patches. Enterprise Technology International can deal you in today. ?


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IDC and IBM Lists Best Practices for Scaling AI as Investments Set to Double

 IDC expects worldwide spending on AI technology to more than double over the next four years. Read this blog to see what IDC’s top analysts and IBM’s data and AI leaders said about the future of AI, and how your organization can prepare to make the most of AI technology and its many possibilities.

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Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage

Looking to dynamically provision shared storage in a unified way on bare metal, virtual machines on in the hybrid cloud? With Red Hat Open Shift Container Storage, you can. Watch this video to see how.

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A programmatic approach to cloud security

Moving to the cloud? You may be introducing security challenges to your business.

Check this out and contact a Enterprise Technology International cybersecurity expert to learn how you can implement a programmatic approach to security at each stage of your journey.

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 Boost business agility

Software is core to how users engage with businesses and how businesses innovate. You can develop and deliver cloud-native applications faster with application services, microservices, containers, and APIs. Read the eBook from #RedHat to learn how.

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Secure Infographic

Learn why companies choose #Azure for unmatched security, from @Microsoft’s 90+ compliance offerings to 3,500 dedicated security experts. Check out this infographic and contact Enterprise Technology International to learn more.

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Open up to new mobile potential

Two screens, infinite possibilities. Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is more than a phone, with an expansive view that enables you to work in any two apps side-by-side. #SurfaceForBusiness

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Protect the Hybrid Cloud with Zero Trust

Cloud misconfigurations were a leading cause of data breaches in 2020. Don’t leave your business vulnerable.

Read this to learn how you can protect your hybrid cloud with a Zero Trust security solution and contact a Enterprise Technology International cybersecurity expert for more info.

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